Q1 Is there any design limitation?
A1 Design of the etching products could be comparatively freely because the products will not be influenced by many holes or curves. Please refer here for the basic specification.
Q2 What kind of materials could be processed?
A2 We will suggest you the best process methods according to your products design.
Please refer here for the details.
Q3 Is it possible to produce a small quantity prototype?
A3 The attractive of the etching process is available for the small quantity lot. From prototype to mass production, please fell free to contact us.
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Q4 Is it possible to deliver to foreign countries?
A4 Yes, our products have been delivered to all over the world.
Q5 Is it possible to send the CAD data for production?
A5 Yes, our CAD system could accept DXF/DWG/GDS/Gerber file.
Please contact us for other file formates.
Q6 How about the initial processing costs?
A6 Since the mask for etching is much cheeper than the mold for pressing, the initial processing costs could be reduced. And the etching process is flexible for model change.
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Q7 Does Nippon Filcon get ISO certifications?
A7 Yes, we have ISO9001(QMS), ISO14001(EMS), and ISO27001(ISMS).
Q8 How to ask for a quotation?
A8 Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone. We will reply you soon by return.
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Please contact us for the etching processing.

TEL. 042-378-2801 E-MAIL:nf-es@filcon.co.jp

(Working hours:9:00〜18:00  
Closed weekends and national holidays)

You can also send us your inquiry by the contact form.
We will contact you as soon as possible.

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