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Company Profile

About Electronics Solution Division

About Electronics Solution Division

Nippon Filcon reserched, developed and commercialized the photofabrication process over 40 years.

A variety of ultra-precision products are produced and shipped to customers in various industries including the electronics industry.

"The good footwork, high quality and short leadtime" is our motto.

From prototype to mass production, we provide high quality products stably at fair price. Based on the trust of many customers who aim toward the development of industry, we correspond to all requests from visible, unvisible, minute paroducts to large-sized products.

Corporate Name Nippon Filcon Co., Ltd.
Head Office 2220 Ohmaru Inagi-City, Tokyo, 206-8577, Japan
TEL 042-377-5711 FAX 042-377-5714
Established March 18, 1936 (Originally founded in April, 1916)
Capital 2,685 million yen
Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange(Standard Market)
President President Hiroyuki Nagura
Purpose of
  1. 1. Manufacture and sale of wire cloths, wire conbeyor belts, wires, and related metal products.
  2. 2. Manufacture and sale of products made from synthetic resins and other chemicals.
  3. 3. Design, manufacture, and sale of water treatment systems and related equipment and tools.
  4. 4. Manufacture and sale of precision equipment and related components.
  5. 5.Manufacture and sale of handicrafts and consumer commodities.
  6. 6. Design, manufacture, and sale of various machinery, tools, and equipment.
  7. 7. Design, supervision, and execution of civil engineering works.
  8. 8. Sale, leasing, and management of real estate.
  9. 9. Leasing and management of sports, leisure, and restaurant facilities.


Tokyo Plant

2220 Ohmaru Inagi-City, Tokyo, 206-8577, Japan

*This is the factory for etching products.

Tokyo Plant

Shizuoka Plant

1780 Atsuhara, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture 419-0201, Japan
TEL 0545-71-1312
FAX 0545-71-6315

*This is the factory for Fabrics for papermaking.

Shizuoka Plant
Nippon Filcon Co., Ltd.
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Please contact us for the etching processing.

TEL. 042-378-2801

(Working hours:9:00〜18:00  
Closed weekends and national holidays)

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